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Special groups at Iramoo Community Centre.

MS Confident Living

This weekly Confident Living Program is designed to support people with neurological conditions who are socially isolated and disadvantaged in community participation due to the progressive nature of their condition or implications of it.

Participants who attend the Confident Living Programs live in the community with family, carers or alone. They strive to maintain independence, feel valued and remain connected to their communities whilst being and feeling safe. CLP offers an opportunity for participants with similar experiences and interests to meet other people within their local communities, allowing friendships to develop that can continue outside of the program time if they choose.

All programs are tailored to meet participants’ individual goals through person centred planning. The social and physical activities are beneficial to both the person living with the disability and their carer as it provides a break from the home routine, the burden of care and being cared for and offers social stimulation.

Thursdays 9.30am – 3pm

For more details, please call MS Connect at 1800 042 138.