Iramoo Community Centre

Food Swap

Food swap at Iramoo Community Centre.

Food Swap

3rd Saturday of the month, 11am start.

Fruit and veggie growers bring their excess produce along and then swap it for other home grown produce. It's very casual and no money changes hands. It's up to the swapper to decide what is fair. You can swap your produce for whatever you need. You could turn your extra figs into lemons, eggplants into oranges, roses into rhubarb, or home made pickles into pumpkins. Hopefully you'll also pick up some gardening tips and have a great time while you're there.

  • Some things you might want to bring along:

  • Seeds, excess seedlings, cuttings and flowers

  • Home-made jams, chutneys, sauces and home grown eggs (all dated please)

  • Excess clean jars and bottles for jam and sauce making

  • Bring recipes, gardening tips and your good cheer

  • A thermos for yourself on cool days and perhaps you would like to wow us with some wonderful dish to share that you have cooked with your home grown fruit or vegetables.

For more details call 8742 3688 or email